I am the founder of Naturally Ecstatic, and have been on a path of healing, discovering how to deal with pain since the age of 5 after a series of accidents left me with continuous chronic back pain. At the same time I was circumcised which created the belief that I had been born broken. I was also forced to change from being left to right handed at school – which created severe dyslexia and feelings of stupidity.

I discovered that breathing in certain ways enabled me to relax more and take me into states of trance where the pain and confusion was lessened and often forgotten.

My day to day journey with pain, school and later sexual trauma led me to depression and a nervous breakdown (breakthrough) in 1991. Antidepressants left me like a zombie and I sought a different way of dealing with his suffering. I begin a daily meditation practise and quickly started having deep realisations about pain, suffering, humanity and life.

This was the beginning of my transformation and awakening.

I trained in a variety of hands on holistic therapies and started working as a full time masseur and healer at Shrubland Hall in Suffolk treating the rich and famous.

Everyone said I had a gift in my hands – I discovered that I was deeply intuitive and learned to trust my hands and insights. Guiding people’s breath and awareness was always a fundamental part of my sessions.

I started attending darshans, satsangs, initiations, retreats and trainings with some profound spiritual teachers, healers and guides around the world which sparked my passion to discover my deeper nature as well as the seeking to discover our natural state of being as well as the potential of miracles that human’s can actually achieve.

I started teaching meditation, Reiki and massage to groups in 1995 and have continued to expand, hone and master my skills.

I assist people to reframe and transform their suffering and become more Naturally Ecstatic. I work in the realms of sacred intimacy and sexuality, healing and transformation, awakening and spirituality.

My life work is guiding people to experience themselves beyond their limited thoughts and beliefs and to experience and surrender into the profound beauty, effortlessness and love of their deepest essence, life, soul, being, higher self… whatever you call the source of life.

I have a gift for guiding people to discover this – whether it be through touch, breath, intimacy, voice or silence. My work is woven through with transmission of source energy, compassion, light heartedness and a wicked sense of humour.

As founder of Naturally Ecstatic I combine everything I have learned in my journey about pain and suffering, joy and ecstasy, love and compassion and I create events for lasting embodied transformation and awakening through fun, connection and beauty.

As a virgo I have an acute eye for detail and over 30 years of attending numerous trainings, retreats, workshops and 1-1 sessions I have learned what works and what does not work. I have shared his work with many thousands of people across the world and I facilitate on not only my own events but also on retreats and events run by other companies including The Arrigo Programme. I am an authority and pioneer in the field of ecstatic living.

I yearn for people to meet themselves and each other with reverence, love and gratitude. For humanity to come back to the simplicity within our hearts, to experience our deepest truth and to meet each other from that space of love, integrity and connection.

I am a devoted father to my 18 year old son Joshua and since 2008 I have lived in a beautifully fulfilling tantric relationship with Kalindi Jordan.

Not sure if this is for you or which path to take???

Sometimes it can be really confusing working out what is the best way forward - everyone's situation is unique. Pete has 30 years of experience in tailoring programs of the most effective practices for individuals, groups and situations. He can help find the most effective path of least resistance...