Please read and agree to the information below to be able to continue with the course.

Breathwork can be a truly powerful and profound process - it should not be done lightly or without due consideration. Please take a moment to read all the of bullet points in the waiver below. It is important that you understand and agree to them all. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

This course is for you and your relationship with yourself, your breath, your energy and your awareness. It is not for you to teach.


I understand and acknowledge that this course is for my own personal development and experience and that I will not teach any of the course contents. In order to teach this content I acknowledge that I would need to complete Naturally Ecstatic’s advanced facilitator/trainer courses.

I understand and acknowledge that the Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork and Meditation Fundamentals course I am undertaking:

Is not intended to replace any relationship I have with my medical doctor and/or primary health care provider(s);
Is not intended to constitute medical advice or any substitution for medical care;
Is not intended to be relied on for prescriptions, recommendations, diagnosis or treatment in relation to any health problem or disease.

I understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for consulting my primary health care provider or a medical doctor in the event that I have or am suspect to have a health problem.

I certify that I have taken medical advice relating to any physical, mental or emotional condition that may impair my judgement, or have any effect on my physical health, and am able to undertake breathwork and/or if I have not taken medical advice I waive all my rights with respect to the above.

I understand that conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar, epilepsy, heart conditions, low blood pressure and pregnancy, can be contraindicated to breathwork and that I need to discuss any of these conditions that have with Naturally Ecstatic.

I understand that if I am taking any medications or have any medical conditions, including those above, then I must discuss with the facilitator before I begin the practices.

I understand and acknowledge that, in undertaking the Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork and Meditation Fundamentals I am doing so at my own risk and that I am responsible for any consequence resulting from any of my breathwork practices.

I, acting on behalf of myself, my heirs and my assigns, hereby release Naturally Ecstatic from any actions, causes of action, complaints, claims, damages, costs and expenses of any kind with respect to or arising out of practicing any of the contents of the Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork and Meditation Fundamentals course from now and forever.

It is with that understanding that I voluntarily execute this release and waiver.

By continuing with the following course, I certify that I have read, understood and agree to all of the above points.

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