Are you ready to finally banish overwhelm and anxiety?

THE ESSENTIAL BREATHS TOOLKIT teaches you quick, simple, effective ways to feel fresh, energised and excited about the rest of your life - without medication or therapy.

Do you....

  • Wake up feeling unrested, exhausted, in a rush and anxious about the day ahead?
  • Feel so over stretched at work, like there isn’t enough time to fit everything in and you’re always rushing to catch up?
  • Get so stressed and confused that you can't think straight and can't focus on the job in hand and feel overwhelmed by the smallest things?
  • Keep yourself going through the day with coffee and energy drinks that give you highs and lows and make you jittery and moody?
  • Go to bed with a head full of relentless thoughts so you can’t sleep?
  • Wish you could just turn off, hide and make the world go away?

Do you recognise any of this?

Have you ever arrived at work feeling rushed, stressed, too many deadlines to meet, too many calls to make, too many tasks to remember and then your boss gives you another urgent job with an unrealistic deadline. You feel such an overwhelming surge of mixed thoughts and feelings:


How did my life ever get here???

Do you need fast and effective ways to deal with whatever life throws at you, so you can manage your energy, stress and emotional state?

Well, my name is Pete Warnock and 30 years ago I was there myself…

I had acute anxiety, overwhelm, confusion, low energy, and severe depression and self loathing.

Something had to give - and it was me… my life collapsed:

  • I had a breakdown
  • I lost my girlfriend
  • I lost my job
  • My house was repossessed
  • I lost my sanity

I was the lowest I could be, I was medicated, full of physical and emotional pain and wanted to kill myself but was too afraid.

Then I discovered meditation, energy-work and the healing power of breath

and everything changed…

I became fascinated with life again


My outlook and attitude affected my feelings


I realised that I had a choice over how I felt and how I acted.

I realised that, at will, I could tap into joy, happiness, vibrant aliveness, endless energy,

I could turn anxiety and fear into excitement,

overwhelm into clarity and

self doubt into confidence.


I discovered how to end my suffering

- and I felt compelled to share my revelations with the world.

Since then I have used, deepened and distilled everything I’ve learned to create my Naturally Ecstatic System.

My clients started noticing they were in less pain and suffering and that they were experiencing more joy, more abundance, more love and

more beauty in their lives.

They too started experiencing that life was no longer a worry and a struggle but an exciting, joyful adventure.

Then lockdown happened and I realised I needed to share this with the masses. I had a vision where I was shown what I call The Essential Breaths Toolkit to bring this work to the masses to set themselves free from suffering.

To share the tools to enable you to have:

Deep inner peace and relaxation

More meaningful connection and a deeper loving relationship with yourself, your loved ones and your friends.

More energy and vitality so you can play more, live more and do things that you’d given up on and thought you’d never be able to do again.


was shy, she had no confidence, was afraid of others' perceptions of her and was what she called ‘one of life’s passengers’. Within four days of implementing these tools she discovered the beauty inside her, she went out on her first date for 13 years with more confidence than she could remember having before, and she started travelling the world. She is now a successful and incredibly happy yoga teacher.


had been in a car accident, he was in constant pain and suffered from depression because of this. He had what he called ‘mystical experiences’ when practicing and saw that if he made the simple changes I was teaching he could change his suffering. Now he is more mobile, in way less pain and lives a much fuller life - he feels more joy and love than ever before and knows he has the power within him to choose beauty or suffering.

"Learning these breathing techniques transformed my experience of overwhelm and anxiety and gave me back the power to respond to situations rather than react to them - they were real game changers”
- Kalindi Jordan

Would you like your life back?

But even better than before?

Well, I can show you how…

I call it....

For just £99 £28 you will get a PRICELESS toolkit you can use and refine for the rest of your life.


Having the tools to be able to deal with any curve balls life throws you…

The Essential Breaths Toolkit is a simple solution to everyday challenges.
It takes very little time, yet builds the necessary foundations and habits to creating a healthier and more fulfilling life.

  • The entire tuition videos take just over an hour to watch in total
  • Accessing one lesson at a time, gives time to integrate the practice
  • Simple daily routine and journal
  • Audio downloads of the meditations
  • Access to a private online community group
  • In effect it is a 4 week course with just 10 - 20 minutes of tuition per week
  • A further 42 day guided challenge if you choose to rise to it…

So it's decision time...

Do you continue down that path of stress, overwhelm, self sabotage, sleepless nights and suffering hoping something will change?

I’ve been there, and believe me, without help it’s an hard and slippery slope...


Do YOU make the decision today to change, to commit to a better future, and become a better version of yourself?

Hurry before the price rises back to £99

These Tools Are Quite Simply The Fastest, Most Reliable Ways I Have Come Across To Master Our Feelings, Reactions and Energy.

“If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom and courage of 10 tigers”
- Chinese Proverb