Breathwork & Coaching with Pete Warnock

Discover the key to transforming your mental and emotional well-being from stress and anxiety to a life filled with energy, empowerment, and inspiration. I specialize in guiding individuals and groups to unlock their inner resilience, providing powerful tools and strategies to break free from the grip of stress and anxiety. Together, let's embark on a journey towards a more vibrant, fulfilling life where you feel empowered to thrive and become Naturally Ecstatic.




What Are People Saying About Pete?

John Clutterbuck

Athlete & Personal Trainer

“Breath work with Pete has transformed my athletic performance directly. As an athlete, I know that remembering how to breathe and breathe consciously is key with any highly demanding physical activity. Pete’s session helped me open up and literally breathe-into new potential, I’m now able to access a greater level of aerobic power output on demand, especially cycling up my local steep hills along the South Downs faster than I’d done in years. Thanks a million Pete!”

Elise Yuill Cohen

Professional Singer

“I gained so much from just my first Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork workshop with Pete. I had been struggling with anxiety and grief following a bereavement, but after the session I felt an instant improvement, much calmer, more centred and positive. The healing benefits were obvious right away. I have continued to practice daily following the workshop and it is definitely helping me process my grief and neutralise my anxiety. Deeply grateful for the practices and for Petes fantastic tuition, support and kindness.”

Fiona Arrigo

Founder, Stop the World & The Arrigo Programme

“Pete Warnock is a wonderful addition for any retreat. Pete has worked with the Arrigo programme for the past ten years, I cannot recommend his personal sessions or group work more highly. Pete brings love, laughter, and huge integrity. He is in Deep Service. Our clients have reported that his massage sessions are the best they have experienced worldwide, his breathwork, is extraordinary for shifting group dynamics, and his personal breath sessions are life-transforming.”

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