I'm Pete Warnock, the founder of Naturally Ecstatic, and my journey of healing and self-discovery began at the age of five, shaped by chronic back pain from accidents, an operation that led to feelings of being "broken," and a forced switch from left to right-handedness, causing severe dyslexia and self-doubt. I found solace in breathwork, which allowed me to relax, enter states of trance, and reduce pain and confusion.

My struggles with pain, school, and later sexual trauma led to depression, and in 1991, a breakthrough. I moved away from antidepressants, embraced daily meditation, and began to unravel deep insights about pain, suffering, and humanity. This journey led me to holistic therapies, and I became a full-time masseur and healer at Shrubland Hall, where I honed my intuitive skills and incorporated breathwork into my sessions.

Attending various spiritual teachings and retreats worldwide sparked my passion for understanding our deeper nature and human potential. In 1995, I started teaching meditation, Reiki, and massage, expanding and mastering my skills over the years. I help people reframe and transform their suffering, work in the realms of sacred intimacy, healing, awakening, and spirituality, guiding them to experience their deepest essence, life, and source of love.

As the founder of Naturally Ecstatic, I integrate my knowledge of pain, joy, and compassion to create events that foster transformation and awakening through connection and fun.

As the founder of Naturally Ecstatic, I integrate my knowledge of pain, joy, and compassion to create events that foster transformation and awakening through connection and fun. With an acute eye for detail and over 30 years of learning, I've shared my expertise with thousands worldwide and am an authority in ecstatic living. My deepest yearning is for people to meet themselves and each other with reverence, love, and gratitude and to return to the simplicity within our hearts, experiencing our deepest truth and meeting from a place of love, integrity, and connection. I'm also a devoted father to my 18-year-old son, Joshua, and since 2008, I've enjoyed a fulfilling tantric relationship with Kalindi Jordan.

Pete Warnock Breathwork Practitioner

My Approach

Naturally Ecstatic is a comprehensive system that utilises specialized Breath, Energy, and Meditation techniques. Through breathwork, it enables individuals to access inner sources of energy, love, and natural ecstasy. This system combines distinctive breathing exercises with the Naturally Ecstatic meditation method, aimed at stretching and activating the complete respiratory system, building energy, and awakening one's deeper ecstatic nature. The result is a transformative experience that fosters nourishment, healing, and fulfillment by changing one's relationship with bodily sensations and life itself.

What Sets It Apart From Other Breathwork?

Over decades, I mastered breathwork to manage chronic pain from childhood injuries. By optimizing my respiratory system and embracing natural diaphragmatic rhythms, I unlocked deep relaxation and self-healing states. My approach simplifies our original, most efficient breathing habits and reverts our habitual breathing patterns to their natural form. The system also guides diverse breath techniques for varied situations and states of being and allows us to reach a natural euphoria, think clubbing highs without the drugs!

Who Can Benefit?

Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork is great for everyone – as we all breathe. It is especially good for those who have compromised breathing of some kind, unresolved emotional trauma or for those who wish to expand their breathing capacity. It is just as powerful for people wanting to optimise their performance such as athletes, wind instrumentalists and singers. However, Naturally Ecstatic is not only about the breath – it also involves how to cultivate one’s relationship with life and how we receive the moment in a more conscious and positive way. For instance, I teach a lot of yoga teachers as it helps them refine and boost their pranayama practice.

We at Naturally Ecstatic, facilitate people in experiencing deeper states of their innate spirituality, healing and awakening by using breath, meditation and consciousness to guide them into discovering and embodying their ever unfolding potential.

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