CONNECT: The quality of our inner connection = the quality of our trust & sense of belonging

BREATHE: The quality of our breath = the quality of our life-force

FOCUS: The quality of our focus = the quality of our experience – fascination is the key

REFRAME: Separate from habitual thinking to open new possibilities and deeper meaning

SURRENDER: Trust that this moment of experience is the creative force of life opening you into your perfection

TRANSFORM: Master your feelings through fascination to free yourself from suffering

HEAL: Connection, Breath, Focus, Surrender and Transformation = Deep Lasting Healing

EMBODY: Live your potential and purpose – embody the ecstatic being that you are


Naturally Ecstatic is a wholistic system of awakening and embodiment involving specific and unique Breath, Energy and Meditation techniques. You learn how to use your breath to tap into high levels of energy, love and natural ecstasy from within. It combines my unique breathing exercises with my Naturally Ecstatic meditation system.

It involves specific breathing exercises to stretch and activate your full breathing system, build energy and awaken and embody your deeper ecstatic nature. This, combined with the Naturally Ecstatic meditation system which guides you to transform your relationship with the sensations in your body, has the effect of transforming your experience of life to one that is deeply nourishing, healing and fulfilling.


I learned to use my breath and mental focus this over several decades to deal with chronic pain caused by a series of injuries when I was 5. Through pushing my breathing to some crazy limits, I discovered ways to optimise and activate the entire respiratory system and fully utilise the natural rhythm of the action and relaxation reflexes of the diaphragm. This is how babies breathe. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system to access profound relaxation and enables the body to enter deep states of self healing, love and bliss.

I have discovered how to activate the fullest and most comprehensive breathing that we are capable of with the least amount of effort required. My teachings break down how we were designed to breathe into simple steps and points of awareness and retrains our HABITUAL breathing back to our ORIGINAL breathing.

The system also involves different ways of breathing for different situations and how to use your breath to access different states of being.


Naturally Ecstatic is a distillation of my discoveries of 45+ years of living with, learning to understand and working with chronic physical and emotional pain with nearly 3 decades practicing, training in, exploring and teaching numerous systems of healing, personal development, spirituality and ancient wisdom – much of which is now being proven by cutting edge neuro science.

Combined, these create a powerful synergy, creating the health, fitness and wellbeing benefits of sustained high level breathing, deep meditation, emotional therapy and energy work. People are achieving the same benefits of years of meditation and therapy in just a few weeks of practicing the Naturally Ecstatic system.

This works to improve levels of wellbeing, fitness, alertness and effectiveness no matter what level you are at. It also turbo boosts your sex life…

Naturally Ecstatic workshops facilitate a deeper sense of connection and tribe as we breathe and journey together taking us on a connected collective yet deeply personal journey of awakening.

This is totally joyful, life imbuing and people have profound inspiration through it.


By using specific stretches and exercises we can stretch, strengthen, cleanse, tone and heal the respiratory (breathing) system.

This, along with different types of breathing exercises, means we can start to peel back the layers of habitual habitual breathing and layers of physical and emotional compensation that our body has been holding and come back to an effortless natural state of relaxation. We can then start to awaken to and enjoy the more subtle pleasures of the body. Some of the exercises are like pranayama, yogic breathing, which controls the breath to bring about different states of consciousness and changes within the body, and some of the exercises are more focussed in resetting the breath back to the way we were designed to breathe.


This is conscious connected breathwork with a difference… It is my own style of presence based breathwork which facilitates a relaxation on both the inhalation and the exhalation. This means that half of the time breathing is spent in surrender i.e. not using any effort. This leads the ‘breather’ to a deeper state of embodied relaxation and vibrant aliveness.


As an ever evolving breath-worker I have discovered that there are often elements missing from other forms and styles of breathwork. Most of them do not fully utilise the diaphragm or lungs and often do not facilitate as deeper surrender to the moment as they might – often generating more tension and adrenaline. The Breath of Surrender takes conscious connected breathing to the next level and when practiced in conjunction with other techniques from the Naturally Ecstatic Awakening system have the potential to create powerful lasting change in your life.


Everything that we feel in our body is life and when we meet this actual sensation without listening to the mind’s interpretation, story or meaning then we have the potential to let it open us deeper to experience it in a new, more present and amplified way, we have the opportunity to experience the moment as divine ecstasy.

By becoming fascinated with the actual sensations in the body and ignoring the thoughts that come with them we free ourselves from conditioned and habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting/reacting.


Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork is great for everyone – as we all breathe, it is equally good for those who have breath impedance of some kind, unresolved emotional trauma or for those who wish to expand their breathing capacity as it is for people wanting to optimise their performance such as athletes, wind instrumentalists and singers. It is not only about the breath though – it also involves how to cultivate one’s relationship with life and how we receive the moment in a more conscious and positive way. I teach a lot of yoga teachers as it helps them refine their pranayama practice.

We at Naturally Ecstatic facilitate people in experiencing deeper states of their innate spirituality, healing and awakening by using breath, meditation and consciousness to guide them into discovering and embodying their ever unfolding potential.

Not sure if this is for you or which path to take???

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