“A better quality of breath brings a better quality of life”


Because most of the population use less than half of their breathing capacity and even then they generally breathe with tension and so generate more tension and stress chemicals throughout the body when they breathe.

“A better quality of breath brings a better quality of life”

Breath is obviously something that we have done since we were born, it is the first and last thing we do in our life – and yet for most of us, the way in which we breathe is habitually chronic.

As long as humans have breathed we have both consciously and unconsciously used our breath to alter our state of consciousness. Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork is a body of work that integrates techniques from several systems of breathing, utilising diaphragmatic stretches and breathing exercises for experiencing, exploring and expanding some of these states. It is also designed to enable the release of trauma that is held within the body which impedes the natural flow of breath.

Our natural response to threat is to flood the body with adrenaline which causes the fight or flight mechanism. However, as babies, before we were able to fight or flee we had to deal with this in a different way, we would either freeze, faint or disassociate to avoid the threat. These patterns are then embellished, strengthened and overlaid with other emotional coping strategies throughout our life. These are stored within our emotional and physical bodies and can be accessed, released and transformed with the correct application of the breath.

Nowadays we rarely face true life threatening situations, like coming face to face with a ravenous tiger, yet we have highly adrenalised reactions and many of us live with a low level adrenaline flowing for most of the time. When this fight/flight mechanism is triggered our breathing pattern becomes disturbed – generally our breath becomes faster and shallower which perpetuates the release of adrenaline and we begin starving ourselves of oxygen. When we release the underlying patterns that put us on hyper alert and let the body know that we are not in danger, then we can learn to live in a more balanced and stable way. Breath is life (you don’t last long without it) and correct breathing is medicine, bringing life back to those frightened, frozen, stuck and lost places within us.


Because we have done the inner work, we have worked through our suffering, using and compiling the tools that worked and we live it – it works. The Bulletproof Breathwork system is a unique and potent body of work involving specialised breathing, perception and awareness exercises that help bring the breathing and thinking systems back into a more naturalised way of working. This sets us free to live the beauty way and not take things too seriously…

AWAKEN to the deepest LOVE that you can imagine…

ACTIVATE deep healing in your body and emotions…

SUPERCHARGE your energy, awareness and consciousness…



We teach you how to use your breath, your mind and your energy to create vibrant health, a better life for yourself and have more FUN than you can imagine.

The Keys to Transformation and Awakening:


The KEY to experiencing ourselves as LIFE ENERGY. Knowing this brings a deep sense of belonging – we realise that we are always at home inside and are never alone – no matter where we are.


The FUEL of life – LIFE ENERGY – without it we die but when perfected we supercharge our energy and quality of life…


The KEY to access, frame (give meaning to) and use the LIFE ENERGY that the BREATH generates.


The attitude with which we meet every sensation (which is your aliveness & the creative force of the universe).


The KEY to how we can use AWARENESS to refine how we receive and experience LIFE.


To fully CONSCIOUSLY INHABIT oneself, body, mind, emotion, spirit and potential.


Join the heart tribe – become part of the Breath & Awakening Revolution – a movement of conscious people connecting to, and spreading, love throughout the planet and consciously breathing wherever they go.

Not sure if this is for you or which path to take???

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