The Essential Breaths Series

This series offers a comprehensive journey through various breathing practices tailored for distinct purposes: Releasing Stress, Energize, Body-Mind Balance, and Emergency Breath. Each practice is specifically crafted to address individual needs, providing effective tools and techniques to manage stress, boost energy levels, foster inner harmony, and offer immediate relief during high-pressure situations through focused breathwork.

You can buy them invidually or as the Complete Toolkit.

Releasing Stress

Breathwork Mini-Course

Energise Yourself

Breathing Meditation

Body & Mind Balance

Breathing Meditation

Emergency Breath

Breathing Meditation

The Complete Essential Breaths Toolkit

In this complete course, you will learn simple yet potent practices to transform the way you respond in your life by combing all 4 Essential Breaths programmes along with an habit intergration challenge.

  • Induce deep relaxation and deactivate stress hormones.
  • Generate vibrant energy by clearing stagnant mindsets.
  • Reset your state during intense or emergency situations.
  • Foster clarity and coherence within the body and mind.
  • Empower you to healthily maintain your mental health in any place at any time.

Bulletproof Breathwork Program

This deep-dive course offers a profound training to liberate yourself from stress, emotional challenges, and suffering, guiding you toward self-mastery for personal growth.

Drawing from 30 years of healing and transformative experience, it condenses comprehensive guidance into 40 video lessons, 50 audio practices, and a detailed workbook.

With 12 months' video access and lifetime audio practice availability, you'll join a supportive community of evolutionaries.

The course emphasizes practice repetition for enjoyable mastery of bliss, beauty, wonder, and increased confidence, making each day more vibrant and fulfilling.

This extensive course offers 40+ instruction videos and 50 audio practices for utilising breathwork, meditation, and mind-focused techniques to:S Breath -

  • Awaken heightened levels of vitality, energy, relaxation, and consciousness.
  • Equips you with valuable tools to reframe and transform feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety.
  • Retrain habitual negative thoughts, breathing, and reactions.
  • Construct new neural pathways leading to love, joy and your innate ecstatic nature.
  • Serves as an accelerated path to spiritual growth.
  • Payment options available

Not sure if this is for you or which path to take?

Sometimes it can be really confusing working out what is the best way forward - everyone's situation is unique.

Pete has 30 years of experience in tailoring programs of the most effective practices for individuals, groups and situations. He can help find the most effective path of least resistance...