Breathe Life into Your Business

Optimise your clarity, focus and creativity to thrive in todays ever demanding workplaces by learning how to melt away stress and anxiety, regardless of the situation. Learn simple, yet highly effective ancient techniques that have been honed by science and are used by the Navy SEALs and special forces, Olympic athletes and elite thinkers.

The cost of stress

Workplace stress is nothing new, but the case for investing in your team is now more important than ever and changing the way we breathe at work, can dramatically change the way we work.

People taking sick days because of work-related stress or burnout is costing the UK economy £28 billion a year according to new research which highlights the financial toll of poor mental wellbeing.

We work alongside your business to offer highly effective breathing and mindset workclasses, perfect for reducing stress, increasing focus and resillience, staff development and team building.

Your business is only as strong as its employees.

A happy and healthy team, means a happy and healthy business.

Our approach

We use specific breathwork and mindset tools alongside other therapeutic techniques to work closely with employee groups, executive teams and in 1:1s

  • Personalized and highly effective breathing workshops

  • In-person and virtual sessions available

  • Support materials, recordings and videos to integrate into daily work life

  • Working with you personally to support the needs of your team

Benefits of Breathwork

in the work place

When we learn to slow down our heart rate and optimise our breathing, we optimise our blood and brain chemistry and detoxify our system of toxic stress chemicals. We switch our nervous system from fight or flight into rest, respond and heal mode.

We become more present, more alert, more available. We become more flexible in our perception and thinking. Our mental functions like the ability to make lateral connections between 2 things and pattern recognition goes up significantly - studies show up to a 500% increase.

This is why Navy SEALs, special forces, elite athletes, elite thinkers and people who have to function flawlessly under immense pressures use specific breathing patterns and mindsets to generate these unparalleled results.

These techniques cultivate and access internal states where all of our skills, training and what’s best in us become connected and amplified.

This creates next level results in individuals and when used within teams and organisations they can reach new levels of creativity, productivity and excellence whilst vastly reducing the catastrophic effects of stress within the workplace.

And you and your team can learn these tools and start implementing them and benefiting from them quickly and efficiently when learned from an expert like me who has been teaching them for over 30 years.

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression by up to 50%
  • Improve mental health
  • Promote happy hormones & endorphins
  • Balance blood pressure, heart rate and mental activity
  • Detoxify and cleanse the body and mind
  • Generate positive energy, increase focus, motivation, engagement, resilience, morale & connection
  • Balance mind and emotions, creating peace and clarity
  • Make better decisions, perform at higher level - leading to increased productivity
  • Decrease employee complaints, absenteeism & burnout
  • We offer bespoke online, at work and private location stress management sessions, workshops and retreats for individuals, groups and teams.

It's time to invest in

your team today

Contact us now to book in a conversation to discover how we can work with you to optimise the resilliance, effectiveness, happiness and overall health of your team.

A happy and healthy team is a motivated and productive team.

Discover how Naturally Ecstatic can

help you and your team thrive.

What companies are saying...

“Pete delivered an hour-long workshop titled "Destress and Empower Yourself with Breath," which turned out to be one of the most beneficial workshops we have organised.

Our employees felt invigorated and relaxed after the session, with some even describing it as the best workshop they had ever attended. We highly recommend this workshop to any employer seeking practical tools to support their staff's well-being. The participants not only come away with practical techniques to implement immediately, but they also left feeling relaxed and motivated to tackle the day ahead.

We were thrilled with the results and plan to invite Pete back for more sessions.”

Natalie Quilter

Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Lead | Human Resources