You know that you are special, but maybe you can’t put your finger on exactly how or why – you just know – maybe part of you questions it, denies it, rejects it. This conflict can be excruciating.


We are all visionaries, mystics and light workers – we are all special, spiritual, magical beings but our busy world and busy mind continually divert our awareness to away from the mysterious unfolding of the moment that we are. The collective mindset dulls our senses and brainwashes us into believing that we are separate, alone, vulnerable and at the mercy of life.


We need to re-frame our beliefs and take time to actually notice what is happening beneath the thoughts. We experience the miracle of life all of the time, sensation is the indication that life is here… When we stop meeting the sensation with our judgemental mind and meet it with our fascinated awareness then we can notice the magic happening, then we can surrender to and love being this.

Many have lost this simple awareness and just don’t know how to access it. This makes them dependent on satisfaction, love and happiness coming from an external source. Living life this way is unsustainable and is an exhausting self perpetuating loop. Trying new things, getting bored, needing new, getting bored again and all the time becoming more despondent and desperate.


The truth that you seek, in fact, is what you already are, but you are too busy looking at your ‘shopping list’ of wants and likes and don’t wants and don’t likes to notice what is
actually alive within you NOW! A baby lives in complete rapture with the moment, in awe, fascinated by the wonder of just being. This rapture, this fascination lives in you still – you just need to exercise it more often.

This why we are inspired to educate people from all walks of life about the simplest of truths. THIS is it, THIS, that you are already experiencing. But you have to stop looking for
something else and experience THIS with all of your senses, so fully and intimately that there is no room for any next, any judgement or fabricated story of what THIS is.

Become so totally fascinated by THIS moment, so completely captivated and choose that this is enough – not just for now but for ever.


Then slowly the awareness of the miracle of living awakens and expands. We notice that we are actually just happening, appearing right now in our awareness, in our body – we actually can’t stop it. We are all miracles happening NOW.

Breathe, surrender, be fascinated and let life have you – only then are you truly free.

These are the fundamental principals of life and our work is guided and formed from this.

We help guide people to experience more of themselves and to love being fascinated by being THIS in every moment in every aspect of their life.

Naturally Ecstatic have the keys to enable you discover your awakening to presence, love and connection.